On our previous post we shared a little bit of Shane Balkowitsch, in this case I wanted to highlight  this series of images he made inspired by the iconic image The Kiss of Peace by Julia M. Cameron. 

Julia Margaret Cameron was a british photographer who started her career at the age of 48. She is very well known for her magical and mysterious portraits. As her subject, she used family and friends as models, never thinking of becoming a commercial photographer and actually never made commissioned work.

Shane is very inspired by Cameron’s work and decided to recreate this image by using the same technique as the original.


The Kiss of Peace,  by Julia M. Cameron followed by Shane’s recreation.

Here are some images Shane kindly shares with us of his process recreating Cameron’s image.

unnamed-6   unnamed-1


           For more images please visit: http://sharoncol.balkowitsch.com/wetplate.htm

          Wanna know more about this iconic image? Visit our post https://analyzing19thcentury.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/the-kiss-of-peace/

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